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Truck Tilter with Wheel

Truck Tilter with Wheel

India SKS truck unloaders on wheels are a material handling machine used in unloading the loaded truck of sugar cane, granite, etc. The truck is first placed on the tippler, hooked to the front wheels, back stoppers of the tippler support the truck’s rear wheels and then the truck is tilted at a 60 degree.

The whole product slides down to a carrier within few minutes. The device makes the human’s work easy and save both time and money. The tippler can handle the maximum weight of 50 tons.

 New Portable Truck Unloading Platforms
 Truck unloading platforms are bring in use for the projects in which loading and unloading of materials for example fruits & vegetables, silica, stones, and other products, are required. Our tippler is known for the most important equipment which can work under any pressure. The offered device bends the truck almost to 60 degree angle, which helps the vehicle to unload the product. We manufacture the product after keeping all the things in mind and use only updated techniques that promise to provide the best service. The portable truck unloading platform has a capacity to hold high-weight truck that makes it trustable for the operation of foretold tasks.


Model MT-40 MT-50 MT-60 MT-80
Capacity 40T 50T 60T 80T
Truck Type 6 wheeled , LCV 6 wheeled , 10 wheeled. 6 wheeled , 10 wheeled, 12 wheeled, 14 wheeled. 6 wheeled , 10 wheeled , 12 wheeled & upto 22 wheeled
Platform Length 12M 12M 13M 18M

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