S. K. S. Engineers

Rotating Type Truck Tipplers

Research and designing innovative thing is passion at India SKS and new products and technologies go hand to hand. Our rotating type truck tippler has set an example for others concerning our knowledge and has transformed the unloading of harvested cane, which is a major activity inside the sugar plant.


Our rotating tipplers are productive and take less time to unpack the truck filled with materials. Heavy duty cylinders for incline, rotation pump and safety characteristics make the unloading process safe and impressive. Our products are used in the major industries and getting appreciation for its functions.

India SKS leads the industry and provides you the best rotating type cane dumping systems. The designs of this equipment make the process of unloading easy and better than traditional method.


Excellent Manufacturer of Rotating Type Truck Tippler : Excellence to give faultless and expertise to provide unique drive us to bring always technically advanced products which could be beneficial for our customers. Our highly educated team works hard to provide the finest range of unloading machines. This gives strength to achieve success in the market and keep experimenting with the changing times and provide maximum benefit to our customers. We use our ability to manufacture highly efficient product that offer less operational cost and impressive functions. Thus, our Rotating type Truck & Trolley Tippler is great.

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