S. K. S. Engineers

Quality Control

The company policy is to manufacture and offer Quality Products and Services by applying Quality System and Standards. In a way they provide maximum satisfaction to the customers and sense of achievement to the company and its employees. Various Quality Control Systems & inspection Procedures adopted are given below :
  • Cylinder Quality Control & Test Procedures
  • Equipment Quality Control & Test Procedures
  • Spares Quality Control & Test Procedures
Cylinder Quality Control & Test Procedures Initial Inspection
  • Inspection of Bought Out Components like Seals & Nut Bolts.
  • Components checked at machining centres & after machining
  • Components & construction checked at Welding section
  • Component and Construction check at welding department
  • Work order and parts list checked for special components
Cylinder Assembly
  • Barrel Inspection
  • Rod Inspection
  • Head Gland and Piston Assembled to Rod
  • Rod Assembly Lubricated and Assembled
  • Retainer Put in Place
Complete Cylinder Inspection
  • Physical inspection of complete assy.
  • Retract Size
  • Stroke Size
  • Centre to centre distances
  • Mounting
  • Porting
  • Others
Hydraulic Test
  • Cylinder Tested to customer specifications (100% OIL TESTED) on test bench.
  • Cylinder Ports Plugged
  • Cylinder Primed or Painted if Specified
  • Cylinder Boxed or Palleted for shipment with Quantity, Weight, and Size
  • Packing inspected as per norms.